Telephonic consultation

Managers and supervisors often encounter employees who exhibit behaviors of concern which may impact the productivity of the team. It's difficult for managers to know when and how to address these behaviors before they become disruptive. You have telephonic access to EAP management consultants with master's degrees in counseling and psychology, and who are certified employee assistance professionals. These consultants are available to assist you in dealing with difficult behaviors/situations in the workplace.

Because basic human nature and the complexity of today's world often collide, it's not unlikely for supervisors and managers to encounter challenging situations. Leading employees requires empathy, energy and patience.

Some examples of difficult situations where a phone call with an EAP management consultant may bring some new ideas and resources to bear:

  • Two employees who don't get along and whose conflict affects the whole team
  • An employee who makes threats at work
  • An employee who is making unwelcome overtures toward another employee
  • An employee whom you suspect of abusing alcohol or drugs
  • An employee who is being abused by a partner at home
  • An employee who is trying to take care of young children and aging parents
  • An employee who is transitioning back to work after an illness, injury or death in the family
  • An employee who is having emotional difficulty at work

For assistance, please call 1-800-559-9749.